Menstrual health

It’s personal.

Mihna meets the needs of each and every woman, giving you personalised therapy during your period.
Meet Mihna
Mihna meets the needs of each and every woman, giving you personalised therapy during your period.
Period pain no more

All about you

A health revolution is just one step away through the unique power of Mihna - world-first technology that fits seamlessly into your daily life, all powered by you, the Mihna app, and the Mihna Community.

Mihna is like no other period pain technology in the world

Using multiple forms of electrical stimulation, Mihna relieves pain and helps tissue recover - addressing the root of pain itself.

Instant pain relief

Side-effect free bioelectric stimulation gives you relief and helps your body heal and relax.

Fits your life

App controlled and easy to use on the go or at home.

Based in science

Proven clinical research is our foundation so you can be sure Mihna works for you.

Personalised for you

Mihna uses machine learning and AI to find out what works best for your period pain.
All about you

The Mihna Community is here for you

A safe space to share your experiences to help others
Are you one of the millions worldwide who suffer severe period pain?
How much school, work, social life have you missed because of it?
Has anyone ever misunderstood your pain?

You’re not alone

Join the community
Four women with pink Mihna logo on their white t-shirt doing different hand gestures
Multiple, tailored programmes for pain and recovery
Tips and content for all your questions about periods, pregnancy, pain, and more
Advice, stories and conversations with people locally and around the world
Directly contribute to developing new and better ways to tackle period pain with your experiences
Join the community

How do I get involved?

As Mihna draws closer, we need your help to change the future of period pain and menstrual health. Share your experiences and knowledge with us to make sure that our technology is the best it can be and sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Invest in Mihna

Mihna is the signature electrotherapeutic device from NuroKor Femtech that uses revolutionary bioelectronic technology to address the unmet health need of period pain.

NuroKor Bioelectronics has a proven track record of creating groundbreaking technology, leading to consistent growth and success even during challenging times.

If you would like to know more about becoming involved with the NuroKor team, please contact us
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Viva La Mihna!

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